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Consulting Services

Dr. J.R. Green Speaking

Executive Coaching: Effective leadership continues to be the most crucial factor in creating an organizational culture where excellence becomes the standard. Dr. Green will customize a leadership development program for novice and veteran leaders that ensures that they meet their individual professional goals while ensuring organizational goals are realized as well.

School and District Level Consulting: Dr. Green has a proven record of developing academic programs and modifying curriculum that result in unprecedented levels of student achievement. Recognizing that students from underserved communities are often the most challenging to grow, Dr. Green has created initiatives that have been particularly effective with these identified student populations.

Cultural Transformation: In Dr. Green’s upcoming book, he describes the value of a positive organizational culture in the following way. “Cultivating the culture of an organization is like preparing the soil for planting. Just as seeds cannot thrive in barren soil, consistent success cannot occur in a toxic culture.” The Green Team will provide an objective analysis of the current culture, in addition to assisting the leadership team with developing a roadmap to establishing a culture where the organization consistently exceeds expectations.

Comprehensive Student Mentoring: The Griffin Bow Tie continues to positively impact the lives of young men in grades 7-12 in Fairfield County. The mentoring initiative was founded by Dr. Green and is grounded in the 5 Well’s, which prioritizes that all young men should be Well-Read, Well-Spoken, Well-Traveled, Well-Dressed, and Well-Balanced. After over a decade of managing this comprehensive mentoring initiative, Dr. Green will assist school or district-level staff in creating a successful mentoring program.

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